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 "210304Th-MetroTwitter-1930s.Melbourne-c-ss.jpg" [Mon.27.1 for a Mildura extra train makes this 1934]
"210304Th-MetroTwitter-1936.Melbourne-b-FlindersSt-ss.jpg" [the car helps date this]


Thurs.4.3.21 Metro Twitter
Buses replace trains on sections of the Sunbury line until the last train of Sun 7 Mar (works).
- replacing busy trains with a single bus when we are still mandated to wear masks because of covid is risky to passengers and staff. such a lousy service.
Flinders Street Station and the Tourist Bureau on Collins Street, late 1935. Do you know why they had the mourning drapings up? See http://ow.ly/f2ed50D98gY
- George V died on 20 January 1936. IMHO the most likely candidate for formal official mourning.
11.41 Glen Waverley line: Major delays (water over rail, caused by road works at Kooyong).
- 12.24 clearing
- That’s a new excuse I haven’t heard before.
- A picture of the incident caused by a main water pipe burst during road works yesterday at Kooyong.
14.19 Mernda line: Major delays (police near Middle Gorge). Trains may terminate/originate at South Morang.
- 14.24 clearing.
Heading to Moomba this weekend?   You can travel free by downloading one of our travel vouchers at http://ptv.vic.gov.au/moomba. ;  Vouchers are valid from 5pm Friday 5 March to 11.59pm Monday 8 March 2021.   Face masks are mandatory on public transport.
18.23 Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston lines: Major delays (police near Caulfield). Trains may be held at platforms.
- 18.44 Delays clearing.  Trains may terminate/originate at intermediate stations.
- This is the second time this week at least that we have had these incidents at around the same time. Surely there is a better way to deal with them than this. Not good enough.
- penalties in relation to trespassers are managed by police. Safety is always the number one priority, and we work closely with relevant authorities to prevent trespassing on the network.
20.01 Craigieburn line: Major delays (police attending to a trespasser near Coolaroo). Trains may terminate/originate at Broadmeadows.
- 20.23 clearing.
Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Newport/Williamstown from 20.30 until the last train (works).

Bayswater: Knox suburb suffering from ageing infrastructure and stacks of shop closures. Kiel Egging March 4, 2021 Knox Leader
Bayswater could be a thriving outer east hub, but instead it is stuck in a time warp with ancient buildings and scores of empty shops.
Bayswater's Station St has struggled for foot traffic since the revamped railway station opened. Picture: Kiel Egging.
...You could think of it as a younger cousin to Croydon – a village-style atmosphere, a few decent eateries boasting various cuisines, a huge park with a revamped playground, and good transport links.
...A giant statue, dubbed ‘aeroplane child’ was plonked outside the revamped station, but its hardly something you’d want to stop and get a selfie with for Instagram.
The aeroplane child statue outside Bayswater railway station.
And what’s even worse is the redesigned station, the most modern piece of infrastructure in town, has supposedly contributed to the tumbleweeds blowing along Station St.
Retailers have told me that moving the station entrance has killed off the foot traffic which used to frequent the strip, with most commuters heading straight to the giant carpark.
With the exception of the barber shop and the post office, there’s hardly any customers swinging by during the day.
Bayswater's Station Street has struggled for foot traffic since the revamped railway station opened. Picture: Kiel Egging.
* It's not the old buildings or the station,  has more to do with removing one lane of through traffic I haven't shopped there since they have made it too hard to shop , and that barber shop is awesome 
* All councils seem to be pushing traffic to single lanes and 1hr parking - but what it's doing, is pushing people to major shopping centres, Chadstone Southland etc, with, free parking.
* Same is happening in once vibrant Lilydale. "Massage" shops going up everywhere, nail shops, bottle shops replacing established businesses and putting in a new station will not help.

Thurs.4.3.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' Free fares to Moomba. KIERAN ROONEY
REVELLERS at Melbourne’s Moomba Festival can catch free public transport to the event this weekend.
Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll and Lord Mayor Sally Capp will on Thursday announce a free travel scheme to encourage Victorians back into the city.
Anyone heading to the festival will be able to go without paying fares on all services, including V/Line, by downloading a voucher from the Public Transport Victoria website. It can be printed out or shown on a phone instead of a Myki.
This year’s Moomba Festival will operate differently under coronavirus restrictions.
It will run from 5pm Friday until 10pm Monday, with events spread across Alexandra Gardens, Sidney Myer Music Bowl and CBD streets.

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