Re: Re: Z1 & Z2 in disguise. 001.jpg
  David McLoughlin

Matthew Geier wrote:

> I used email filters that file the email into suitable folders

automatically. So TDU emails do not clog up my 'inbox', they are neatly
auto filed into 'Trams Down Under' for perusal when I feel the need.

Of course, Usenet newsgroups had a very satisfactory format, and "news
readers" like Forte Agent that sorted everything into the relevant
newsgroups and subject headings.

But Usenet was far too useful and couldn't be used to make money for an
owner, so they were spammed and flamed out of existence.

Much as I dislike the Google attempt at their displacement, the web page of
this group at least sorts posts under subject headings and puts the subject
headings into the order of new posts arriving, unlike a deluge of unsorted

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"Why is it getting so hot, and why am I in this handbasket?"