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  Greg King

The heavy frown would have been, Are you lost??


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TDU - Greg King photo


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Ron Scholten

I for one - more please Greg

I have a story re Greg & 185

Called into the Office - I was asked would I do a charter for YT to Port Melbourne ?

Told - YT dont do charters but we - Swanston Trams - do

Yes - but cheeky me said can I pick the tram ?

Can I have M >Tram z3 185 as Im running over their routes - everyone in the office laughed & agreed

So out of Malvern in nearly branded z3 185 to pick up nearly 30 young ' uns at the 69 terminus

Proceeded to St Kilda Stn - turned into L/R & who was the first 96 driver but GK with a heavy frown

There was more to the story but this is large now

Enjoy - Fun Times