Re: Re: Trackwork on Domain Rd
  Alan Cooper

Andrew: the track in the foreground is set in concrete, but the stuff further away appears to be set in crushed fill (the type of construction that is later set in asphalt). This is easier to see in the B photo.

Steven: there will have to be a stop here of some kind, but I couldn't see any sign of it (nothing has been started). Trams will have to stop here to allow passengers to go to Anzac station and change to other services on St Kilda Rd. Trams going down Domain Rd do not go through the Anzac station tram stop, which is south of Domain Rd. The next stops up the lines (Park St and Dorcas St) are too far away from the station.

One thing I now note is that I don't see any sign of a crossover (though I couldn't see very far, and didn't get around to the other end of the works). All of the lines that branch off St Kilda Rd have a crossover just after the turn - including Toorak Rd West.