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  Bob Pearce

Well I guess it has to start somewhere.

Newcastle, I’m surprised, hasn’t done anything to shore up its existence.

It was I think always going to be a white elephant. My one regret was not having travelled to Newcastle by train when the line actually went to the city.

Did the cutback achieve the BS put out when it was done other than to line the pockets of the developers?

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Oh, and the patronage is about 3.2 million per annum, the lowest of any Australian tram route except for Newcastle. It probably attracts more people than any Canberra bus route though. The vast majority of Canberrans drive. One has to start somewhere.

Tony P

On Friday 19 April 2024 at 11:49:14 UTC+10 TP wrote:
Mal, it is well-operated, (as one would expect from a German operator) but there are barely any curves in the route and the couple there are have very generous radius. CAFs and Citadis are suitable for such routes. The debate is about their suitability for routes that have lots of sharp corners.

Tony P

On Thursday 18 April 2024 at 16:49:56 UTC+10 Malcolm Rowe wrote:
I am impressed.

Canberra seems to me to encapsulate everything that a light rail system should be.

The service is fast and smooth with priority at traffic lights and complete track segregation. Even when the track swings over to the side of the road for depot access it is under traffic light control with priority.

There was no sign of rough ride or wheel squeal on curves. It seems that fixed truck trams can work if the track geometry is designed for them.
Speed and acceleration was good - with the trams running just below the local speed limits of either 60 or 70 km/h as measured with my mobile phone app.

Here are a couple of pics - both in Flemington Rd. The overhead structure is not overdone. Ignore the apparent sharp curves - that's due to me using a telephoto lens.

Mal Rowe - who has a bit more respect for CAF design in the right setting.

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Today's pic shows CAF 14 at the Civic terminus in Canberra.
I'm planning to have a ride tomorrow.

Mal Rowe - AU

Mal Rowe - AU