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  Bob Pearce

Hi all,

What is on a tram that makes the weight 60 something tonnes?
Is it air con, inverters and other gadgets?

Have the travelling public gotten so soft that they have to travel with the comforts of home for such a short time span?

Anyhow, getting back to the trams, has any model with a fixed bogie ever been a real success, other than for tearing up rails esp. on curves?

Bob in Perth

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The 15T's unladen axle load is 5.25 tonne.

Tony P

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Should have GONE FOR THE Skoda 15T From memory they had an axle load less than 10 t.



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Gday Mal,All

Strewth,the W only had 4.5 ton axle load,about 6 ton full load and with
real swiviling trucks
No wonder the rails get chewed,esp on curves,esp with the rigid trucks

Cheers, Mick

On 23/03/2024 2:14 pm, Mal Rowe wrote:
> On 22/03/2024 16:52, TP wrote:

>> I've no doubt that there are design issues on different models of

>> trams that have a bearing on the problem.



> Axle loads are a key issue.


> In Melbourne, the fixed truck D2s have a maximum axle load of 22.2

> tonne (for the centre truck - 11.1 tonne per axle)


> The Es are longer and heavier but have four swivelling trucks with a

> highest axle load of 17.4 tonne (for an end truck - 8.7 tonne per axle)


> The Cs have a quite high axle load - around 21 tonne per fixed truck -

> fairly evenly spread across the trucks.


> One of the key specs for the E class was for a lower axle load than

> the C and D classes.


> Mal Rowe - getting technical


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