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  Roderick Smith

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Mon.12.2.24 MetroX
Public transport disruptions continue into December, January and February.  Check before you travel at https://bit.ly/2JeTzJJ.
Buses replace trains on sections of the Belgrave line until April (works).
Frankston line: Trains will not stop at Parkdale until mid 2024 (level-crossing removal work). Shuttle buses will operate Mentone - Parkdale - Mordialloc, connecting with trains. No access to station facilities or platforms during this time.
No VLine trains will be running Mon 12, Fri 16, Mon 19 & Fri 23 Feb between 3am & 7am (industrial action). Trains will return slowly from 8am, but delays are expected on all regional lines for the entire morning.
A limited bus-replacement service will run from the first train to 8.00.
7.06  Hurstbridge line: Major delays and clearing after a police action.  Trains may be altered.
- 8.05 Yet another delay on the Hurstbridge line,  it has become increasingly unreliable since the beginning of the year.  I am amazed that there are not people all over the tracks between Heidelberg and Greensborough the gaps in fencing are enormous
- 8.45 Appreciate there was an incident, but the ongoing delays with boom gates down for extended periods at Victoria St and Station St is causing further traffic chaos.  Especially when there's large gaps between trains yet the boom gates stay down.
13.56 Lilydale/Belgrave/Alamein/Glen Waverley lines: Delays through Southern Cross (an equipment fault). Trains may run direct Flinders St - Richmond.  Stopping patterns may be changed.
- 14.06 clearing.
14.42 The 14.34 Malvern to Cranbourne didn’t stop at Malvern. Why?
We’ve started pouring piers, abutments and pile caps for the new Parkdale Station. The Parkdale level crossing will be removed by building a rail bridge and a new Parkdale Station. More: https://bit.ly/3u8Zc47
17.21 All lines, delays through Flinders St (police attending to a trespasser in the area). Trains may be held at or between stations for extended periods. Trains may run direct to/from Flinders St.  Stopping patterns may be changed.
- 17.30 clearing.
- 18.27 still clearing.  Trains may be less frequent and trips may take longer than usual.
Werribee/Williamstown lines: Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Newport/Williamstown from 20.25 until the to last train (maintenance works).
Buses replace trains Heidelberg - Hurstbridge from 20.30 until the last train tonight (maintenance works).
Frankston line: Buses replace trains Cheltenham - Mordialloc from 20.30 until the last train (works).
Sunbury/Craigieburn/Upfield lines: Trains operate only between Southern Cross and the suburbs from 21.00 until the last train (maintenance works).  From loop stations, take a Flinders St train to SC [apparently a clockwise city-circle operation].
Lilydale/Belgrave/Alamein/Glen Waverley/Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: All trains direct to/from Flinders St from 21.00 until the last train (maintenance works).  From Southern Cross or loop stations, take a train to Flinders St [inbound Werribee for SC not mentioned]