Re: North Balwyn tram terminus
  Mick Duncan

Gday  Mal,All

Kew 436 was the fastest W2 I ever drove,It had full size 28" wheels
247 motors and RC2 control.In spite of its extra weight,a SW2 it
could really fly on the flat.

Happy days

Cheers,    Mick who was on loan to Kew from Camberwell for a 4 months

On 8/02/2024 11:55 am, Mal Rowe wrote:
> On 08/02/2024 08:41, Vera Mills wrote:

>> My memory of North Balwyn tram terminus is that it is very isolated.


>> How boring?


> A little more interesting when visited in one of the original Sw2s on

> a TMSV tour.


> Mal Rowe - who has visited perhap twice since that pic was made