Re: Melbourne 667 in 1959
  Mick Duncan

Gday  Bill, All

I lived in Nth Carlton in the early 60s and would wait for a W4
on Nth Coburg or Brunswick going home

One of the W3 had 9A trucks and I rode in it also

Going to school,a W2 with No 5 Trucks,St Louis. W2 5?? would often
be on the 8.01 from Richardson St

Cheers,    Mick

On 7/02/2024 1:24 pm, Bill Johnson wrote:
> I liked the W3 and would deliberately miss a W6 and wait for a W3.


> Bill J


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> The attached rather nice photo of W3 667 showed up on facebook today. It dates from 1959.


> 667 is now in the care of the TMSV at Bylands.


> Mal Rowe - who reckons a W3 could be described as a tall W2


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