RE: North Balwyn tram terminus
  Noel Forster

I used to play cricket in North Balwyn and catch the tram from work in the city to training.

If the ‘boss’ wasn’t on afternoon shift, she would pick me up. Otherwise, I would get a lift back to the City or catch the 48 back and a suitable tram home to Armadale.

One afternoon, I travelled in 544, a spur geared BTH motored car. We fair flew down those hills. I still remember it 46 years later.


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Gday Andrew, All

Going down past the Cemetry in full parallel wasent boring

Cheers, Mick

On 5/02/2024 10:44 pm, Andrew Highriser wrote:

It is a wonderful art work depicting one of Melbourne's most boring tram route and tram termini. Distant power supply supports looking like Christian crosses, which is so appropriate for the North Balwyn bible belt.


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How many other tram terminuses have been immortalized in oil? North Balwyn tram terminal by John Brack on artnet

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