Re: Western Sydney Airport and metro progress
  Greg Sutherland

Sorry Tony P but the Airport line was not a State Rail concept or design and build.

It was a PPP project pitched by a private company and agreed to by the then LNP state government against the recommendations of State Rail.

The design, including narrow curved platforms, was private sector and the tunnels were of minimum diameter rather than CityRail standards.  That is why to relamp a signal post you must have the maintenance electrician ride in and lean out from the driver's cabin to lamp change.


On 5/12/2023 11:16 am, TP wrote:
> David, have you ever used the Airport line in peaks when you discover that it's also the Campbelltown line? Those vestibules are jammed up with standing people (double deck users in Sydney loving to congregate around the doors) and it's hard enough inserting your body among them, let alone a suitcase or two. It's a mess. It should have been designed as a single deck line with its own trains and the Campbelltown service separated from it and kept on the main line. Also narrow, curved platforms along the line. It's not one of the former State Rail's greatest acheivements by any means.

> Tony P


> On Tuesday, 5 December 2023 at 10:40:55 UTC+11 David McLoughlin wrote:


> TP wrote:


> > The reason the Western Sydney Line trains are wider is because a

> lot of people will have luggage on board. They're obviously

> determined not to repeat the mistake of the the double deck Sydney

> Airport line with its appalling luggage carrying "capability".


> It's obviously down to personal opinion,  but I have used the

> Sydney Airport trains to get to and from the international

> terminal dozens of times since January 2009, as recently as June

> this year. I have never had any problems with my luggage. I always

> sit (or stand) with it in the lobby at the doors, where I have

> always found there is ample room. I'd never lug it up and down

> those stairs. Even without luggage, I usually only use the lobby

> when I travel on Sydney trains. I go upstairs to the seats there

> if I am with Judith as she likes sitting there.


> Ditto with double-deck buses, I would never go up the stairs. I

> did once go to the top deck of a Hong Kong tram to take photos there.


> So yes, I prefer single-deckers. Though I love the A380, the

> quiet, graceful queen of the skies.





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