Re: Western Sydney Airport and metro progress
  David McLoughlin

Tony P wrote:

> David, have you ever used the Airport line in peaks when you discover

that it's also the Campbelltown line?

Yes, I have arrived into Sydney at many hours, but often at 8am when I
catch the 6am flight over from Melbourne. I've never found it hard to get
on a train to Central. In fact lugging my luggage down the steps from the
platform at Central has been a bigger issue.

> It's not one of the former State Rail's greatest acheivements by any


It's damned better than anything we have in NZ, where none of our airports
are served by rail. It's also better than Melbourne which despite its size
has no rail to the airport. Brisbane and Perth airports are better served
than Melbourne's (I have flown in and out of Brisbane and Perth in recent
weeks so again speak from recent experience).