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Also clearing a backlog up to that date.


Tues.13.9.22 Metro Twitter
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works.
Because of tunnel works, Degraves St subway at Flinders St is closed until 2024. No platform transfer via Degraves St subway. Passengers should use Elizabeth & Swanston St entry/exits.  Campbell Arcade remains closed to 2024. Platform  interchange via that subway was available until mid 2022.
Bell: No lift access to platforms until Oct 2022, while works continue around the station precinct. A shuttle bus will run from Bell to Preston and Thornbury during this time.
Buses replace trains Macleod - Hurstbridge until the last train of Mon 19 Sep (works).
Lilydale/Belgrave lines: Union Rd and Mont Albert Rd closed until 18.00 Friday 23 September, for removal work. Detour using Elgar, Canterbury, Whitehorse and Balwyn roads. 
10.20 Mernda line: Buses to replace trains Reservoir - Epping (a train hitting a vehicle near Keon Park). Replacement buses have been ordered, but may take over 45 min to arrive. Consider alternative transport options.
- 11.01 Replacement buses are in operation, adding 30 min.
- 11.40 Trains are resuming.
16.01 Major delays (police near Pakenham). Trains in the immediate area will remain at platforms. Stopping patterns may change.  Trains may terminate/originate at intermediate stations.
- 16.18 clearing.
- 16.20 At Berwick now, how long should I expect to wait before we take off again?
- 16.23 We've just been given clearance to resume train movements in and out of the Pakenham area. Your train should move off shortly, if it hasn't done so already.
20.13 Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston lines: Major delays (police attending to a trespasser in the Caulfield area). Trains in the immediate area will remain at platforms.
- 20.21 clearing. Stopping patterns may change.  Trains may terminate/originate at intermediate stations.
- 20.24 Good work by police in catching the offender quickly and allowing trains to resume before delays blew out or, worse, replacement buses were needed. 
Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Buses replace trains Caulfield - Westall from 20.30 until the last train (works).
Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Craigieburn from 20.40 until the last train (maintenance works).
21.02  Lilydale/Belgrave/Alamein/Glen Waverley lines: Major delays (police near Flinders St). Trains in the immediate area will remain at platforms.
- 21.20 Trains will depart from altered platforms at Flinders St. Trains may run direct to Richmond.
21.02 Mernda/Hurstbridge lines: Major delays (police near Flinders St). Trains in the immediate area will remain at platforms.
- 21.13  Consider alternatives for trips between the city and Clifton Hill.
- 21.22 Consider route 86 trams, or route 246 buses from Richmond.
21.45 Metropolitan trains: Major delays through Flinders St (police).  All trains in the immediate area will come to a stand. Do not attempt to exit if yours is not at a platform.
- 22.12 clearing, with delays lasting until the last.  Stopping patterns may change at short notice
23.10 Sandringham line: Major delays (an ill passenger requiring urgent medical assistance at Gardenvale).  Trains may be held at platforms.
- 23.33 clearing.
Ringwood, have you checked out your updated designs? Thank you for having your say on the initial concept designs for the Bedford and Dublin Road level crossing removals, and new Ringwood East station.  Join us at an online community information session to find out more:  Wednesday 14 September, 6pm to 7pm  Saturday 17 September, 11am to 12pm  Major work to remove the level crossings at Bedford Road and Dublin Road will start early next year, with both sets of boom gates gone in 2025. 
- How are you supposed to access the platform if you're on the wrong side?
- You can use the main station concourse, where there is access to both platforms. Alternatively, walk along Dublin Road.  A better visual of pedestrian connections around the station precinct is available on our map here.

Great stories from Melbourne’s history.  Mitchell Toy June 4, 2018

The story of Melbourne’s first streets.  Scott Carbines 26 Jun 2018

Cremorne Gardens in Melbourne was Australia’s first amusement park — but it didn’t end well.  Jamie Duncan June 26, 2018

Werribee then and now: Pictures show the suburb’s changes.  Peta Fuller June 28, 2018

180709, responding to 180706 The Flinders St kiosks issue is simply the latest in a string of faults from PTV (and DoT and DoI).  Management convenience beats passenger convenience at all times.  This is made worse by the barrage of spin and propaganda.  Of course the Flinders St platform kiosks should remain.  They are placed between the handrails of the two stairways to the subway.  Instead of closing these, similar ones should be placed on every platform at Melbourne Southern cross: a disaster design, with no facility inside the unnecessary barriers, and where passengers are held forever until VLine allows boarding.

Australia Bus Memories: https://www.facebook.com/groups/574673129386716/about/

Thurs.30.8.18 <www.domain.com.au/news/new-developments-in-victoria-to-harness-photovoltaic-glass-battery-power-20180829-h14p4h-760753>

just for fun: https://tdu.to/i/823

Berlin inner ring is 37.5 km circumference, so ~6 radius.  A journey takes ~ 1 h.  I have been over portions of it, before and after reunification.  It was built as greenfields, and was absorbed into suburbia.  That is like VR's outer circle.  The outer ring was mainly for freight, but has interurban trains over portions.  The reason for the inner is common to many European cities: the city existed before the railway, and the various private companies built their terminus on the fringe of the existing city.  The ring railway linked them.  Trams ran through the city streets.  Into a later era, the trams were removed, and underground lines formed a web under the city.  London, Paris and Moskva are other examples.  VR's outer circle started like that: it was to link VR's eastern lines to its western terminus.  However, it then took over MHBUR and built Flinders St Viaduct and a greenfields line had little traffic.  When looking at ring railways, a European city is more compact than an Australian one, with large tracts of medium-rise flats, so ring distances have to be related to geography.

London Crossrail has been cited by people who know very little.  They overlooked its lengthy gestation, and overstated its length.  It was linking two existing lines to make its 118 km; 21 km of tunnel was new.
It was also modelled on Paris RER line E: mainline trains (although mainline in UK isn't double deck, which is why Victoria doesn't have them.  Our imported managers studiously avoid Paris and Madrid).

Hernes Oak - Yallourn: 1922 to VR.

200723 UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Melbourne Moves to December 2021 23.7.20

24.2.21 https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/the-1-billion-plan-to-increase-sydney-s-peak-hour-train-capacity-20210223-p5756d.html

24.2.21 https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/pandemic-hits-pause-on-melbournes-population-boom/news-story/e5aa1e1007ec131972166b818bf33218

24.2.21 https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/questions-raised-over-cost-of-suburban-rail-loop-project/news-story/44c71a4c7e32fcae3a259c4bb8cddac7

The 2021 UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Melbourne is cancelled 11.3.21

3.6.22 https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/australia-s-most-beautiful-train-journeys/ss-AA1c3NyL

<www.bordermail.com.au/story/7772588/spirit-lingers-as-time-sheds-light-on-an-accident-waiting-to-happen> [rear-end collision]


A hidden royal gem ready to be discovered.  Vera Demertzis September 9 2022

11.9.22 folio.  GM has been involved in a vast array of businesses over the years, some with little or no connection to automotive

Senior transport bureaucrat linked to council CEO’s yacht fundraiser resigns.  Marta Pascual Juanola September 12, 2022