Wrong side running [Was: G class model]
  Mal Rowe

On 21/11/2023 00:02, Peter Bruce wrote:
> Matthew and all, when I was a trammie in Melbourne [1966-77] St.

> George's Rd which carried routes 9, 10 and 11 had both inbound and

> outbound tracks in the outbound and as I recall unmarked carriageway.

> Travelling inbound was downright hairy and occasionally lethal

> especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I never had a head on

> collision on that section but that was more by luck than my good

> management.


Yes - a different world in terms of road / tram standards.

There's a pic of mine at: https://tdu.to/i/7219

Another very risky bit of roadside track was Sturt St West in Ballarat. 
Trams moved out into the roadway (which was the western highway!) on the
passing loop.

There is a rather stunning image by Andrew Cook at https://tdu.to/i/78993

Mal Rowe - who survived driving in that era