Re: Helsinki rids itself of its troublesome Variotrams
  Malcolm Rowe

Just right for Yangon - see
They won’t even need the extra rail.
Mal Rowe whose tongue is firmly in his cheek.

From Mal on the move
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On 26/5/23 09:53, TP wrote:
> Another one of those systems that learnt that fixed bogie trams and

> demanding track profiles don't go together. I hope Sydney isn't the

> unnamed buyer!

Being metre gauge.....

Although I wouldn't put it past our transport dept to miss that 1000mm
gauge trams won't run on 1435mm track :-)

They sent one to Mannheim, where it sat in the workshops and was never
touched after they found out it was too high to go into the few tunnels
on their network.

Bombardier have spent the last few years trying to find a metre gauge
network that would take them. There are a lot of metre guage systems -
but most have track that would not be kind to the trams and certainly no
one will take them with out very strong guarantees of suitability from

I suspect they will end up being 'donated' to some cash strapped far
eastern European system.

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