Re: Bendigo update.
  Andrew Cook

I rode the trusty e-bike up to the Bendigo tram depot for a snoop yesterday (25 May, 2023). The bike path is very handy as it goes right past the depot entrance and they can't tell you to 'go away'. Bendigo No. 3 (repainted and re-numbered recently from its former Melbourne livery) is now set up at the entrance to the depot, near the Back Creek tram bridge (see attached shots of it now and at Epsom Pottery three years ago, taken by a friend who was told to 'go away').

Trams are presently not running to the depot due to extensive works at the rear of the depot, as part of the mega-buck grant that Bendigo Tramways got some time ago. Tradies were scrambling over the site like ants, lol.

Also, does anyone know the number of the black-fronted W2 next to No. 122, amongst the piles of junk at Epsom?

Snoop-dog Cook.[cid:ba37a0e3-2571-4b39-bafc-adcbc7856acf][cid:b0d7489b-aba1-4a85-b92f-277a8038a8ac][cid:47be0de6-5eeb-4934-9dcd-5ab8023ef2b8][cid:48d4c823-bedd-4777-b1f6-c8c13433942d]

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122 01 Stored at Epsom Pottery Apr 2020  |  1377W x 992H  | 163.51 KB |  Photo details
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122 02 Stored at Epsom Pottery Apr 2020  |  1304W x 985H  | 165.8 KB |  Photo details
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