Re: myki is dead - long live miki
  Matthew Geier

On 15/5/23 18:07, espee8800 wrote:
> So do I, especially now that - for me - it is $4.60 total each day. I'll still quite happily carry a myki card rather than pay with my debit card.

Different people, different priorities - but in Sydney I have not used my Opal card for something like 3 years now. I pay straight out of by debit account using my phone as the device.

I had auto-top up on my Opal card so I didn't have to remember to regularly feed it, and I figured I might has well keep my money as long as possible instead of giving it to the Opal consortium in $50 chunks.

Some people don't like 'tap-n-pay' as it makes it too easy to spend money and they have trouble budgeting, others just don't trust 'the system' not to make a 'mistake' and empty their account. (I'm ignoring those who want an anonymous transit card because they don't want to be tracked. Unless they refuse to carry a mobile phone to 'they' know where they are at all times anyway).

Possibly by my next visit to Melbourne I won't need my Myki anymore (and my card has probably expired anyway and would need to be replaced), I will be able to just tap my phone and have the fares come out of the same account I use in Sydney, I won't need a separate card for each city anymore.

(I expect my GoCard has expired too by now).