Re: Sydney train commuters to get free transport day after rail network outage causes chaos | Sydney | The Guardian

Use Anytrip on your phone. You can exactly locate any tram, bus, train or
ferry in Greater Sydney, all NSW trains and, progressively all bus services
across NSW (dozens of towns already rolled out, more to come). Soon the
average transport enthusiast won't need to get out of bed to track all
public transport in the state.

Tony P

On Friday, 10 March 2023 at 13:41:11 UTC+11 Matthew Geier wrote:

> On 10/3/23 13:24, Tony Galloway wrote:

> > The PIDs on the L1 do this amusing thing when they’re not working by

> > continuously showing the next tram is 7 minutes away, then just before

> > it arrives flipping to 2 minutes away. Also the PID on the inbound

> > side of the Dulwich Grove stop will show a tram is 2 minutes away for

> > as long as it waits at the Dulwich Hill terminus. It’s been like that

> > since the line opened.


> Ahh, the computer thing where the answer is accurate, (The tram really

> is only 2 minutes away, once it starts moving), but not actually useful

> in that context.


> There are many cases now where the machine generated answer is taken as

> gospel , but it clearly makes no sense in context at the time.