Re: Sydney train commuters to get free transport day after rail network outage causes chaos | Sydney | The Guardian
  Matthew Geier

On 10/3/23 13:24, Tony Galloway wrote:
> The PIDs on the L1 do this amusing thing when they’re not working by

> continuously showing the next tram is 7 minutes away, then just before

> it arrives flipping to 2 minutes away. Also the PID on the inbound

> side of the Dulwich Grove stop will show a tram is 2 minutes away for

> as long as it waits at the Dulwich Hill terminus. It’s been like that

> since the line opened.

Ahh, the computer thing where the answer is accurate, (The tram really
is only 2 minutes away, once it starts moving), but not actually useful
in that context.

There are many cases now where the machine generated answer is taken as
gospel , but it clearly makes no sense in context at the time.