Re: Light rail fails in the hour of need

Yes, I forgot that there's a backup control centre for CSELR at Moore Park.
I don't know exactly where it is. If it is underground, no doubt it was
flooded on that night.

Tony P

On Monday, 23 January 2023 at 14:10:16 UTC+11a...@... wrote:

> Just saw this - couldn’t be any worse than doing bugger-all, which is the

> current practice.


> And they have their gee-whiz Cheyenne Bunker control centre - if they have

> such little confidence in the ability - or training - of their tram

> drivers, they can co-ordinate the switch throwing from there.


> Dead set, they have this high tech, micromanaged control regime with the

> frontline staff left with no personal initiative, and at the first glitch

> it all grinds to a halt, with everyone onsite sitting on their clackers

> “waiting for something to happen”.


> Very impressive….


> Tony


> > On 23 Jan 2023, at 11:44, Matthew Geier mat...@...>

> wrote:

> >

> > On 23/1/23 11:25, Tony Galloway wrote:

> >> The Moore Park stop has a scissors crossover at the city end as well as

> the centre stub at the outer end, so no need to run all trams into the stub

> to reverse if running a short working to there. The layout is effectively

> the same as at Bondi Jct station which uses both the x-over and the stub to

> reverse trains depending on traffic levels while the outer tracks are used

> to stable trains beyond the platforms till needed. These parked trains

> would be the trams at Moore Park continuing to Kingsford and Randwick. They

> could apply how Bondi Jct works to get more out of what they have there.

> >

> > They could use relay drivers at Moore Park. But I do wonder if what

> would happen if the incoming driver was too quick off the mark and tried to

> activate their cab before the outgoing driver had flicked their key off.

> Probably spend the next 30 minute rebooting the tram with a 'battery off -

> battery on' to clear the 'multiple cabs activated' error.

> >

> >

> >

> >

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