Re: Light rail fails in the hour of need
  Tony Galloway

Just saw this - couldn’t be any worse than doing bugger-all, which is the current practice.

And they have their gee-whiz Cheyenne Bunker control centre - if they have such little confidence in the ability - or training - of their tram drivers, they can co-ordinate the switch throwing from there.

Dead set, they have this high tech, micromanaged control regime with the frontline staff left with no personal initiative, and at the first glitch it all grinds to a halt, with everyone onsite sitting on their clackers “waiting for something to happen”.

Very impressive….


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> On 23/1/23 11:25, Tony Galloway wrote:

>> The Moore Park stop has a scissors crossover at the city end as well as the centre stub at the outer end, so no need to run all trams into the stub to reverse if running a short working to there. The layout is effectively the same as at Bondi Jct station which uses both the x-over and the stub to reverse trains depending on traffic levels while the outer tracks are used to stable trains beyond the platforms till needed. These parked trains would be the trams at Moore Park continuing to Kingsford and Randwick. They could apply how Bondi Jct works to get more out of what they have there.


> They could use relay drivers at Moore Park. But I do wonder if what would happen if the incoming driver was too quick off the mark and tried to activate their cab before the outgoing driver had flicked their key off. Probably spend the next 30 minute rebooting the tram with a 'battery off - battery on' to clear the 'multiple cabs activated' error.





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