Fwd: Ian Brady Funeral - and a special photo
  Mal Rowe

Terry Boardman has sent a message regarding the funeral arrangements for Ian Brady - see below.

Some years back, Ian passed over to me a large number of photographs and negatives.
Ian had a very good camera - and a good eye for an image.

He had only ever seen most of his photos as contact prints and we were both delighted with how they came up when scanned.

The attached photo was probably our favourite - one that we agreed should be kept for a special occasion.

This is sadly that occasion.
Consider the image a final gift from Ian.
The view is from the ramp leading up to the railway station at Chatswood in the early hours of the morning on 29 June 1958 - the final day of tram operations in North Sydney .

Mal Rowe - grateful.

Good Evening Friends
Please see the attachment of funeral details for Ian Alexander Brady
This was in this morning's (19/11/22) Sydney Morning Herald
Please pass the information on to those who may not see the SMH
There may be older ARHS members, including some who visit the
RRC, who I have not been able to contact
PS Please forgive if you receive this email more than once - I
had technical problems and lost drafts a couple of times
Terry Boardman

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