RE: Re: Parliament committee wants to roll back Sydney bus privatisation
  Geoff Olsen

Personally I don’t mind how they administer the bus service as long as it works which around our way at present it does not. The operators seem to believe that as long as they run some buses here and there the provision of the service that they are contracted to provide is optional. After all they get paid the same amount whether they carry crush loads or thin air.

For example running the first and last runs of the day is definitely optional. Of course no one uses them do they. A bit difficult to do so if the bus does not turn up.

Want to alight at the next stop? Push the pretty red button and then plead with the driver and he might stop where you wish to alight. Over carrying passengers is not important it would appear.

Want to catch a bus at say Miranda interchange? This is not am isolated stop out in the boondocks. You had better hope that the stop is not already occupied or your bus will sail past and you can wait for the next one which of course is only an hour away.

These are problems that should be covered by the dreaded KPIs I would think but apparently not in NSW. Lodge a complaint you say. Best of luck.

Of course I am just a whinging commuter and the whole system would run so much better without such people.

Geoff O.