Re: Coogee 1895

Sydney has a long history of running trams *before* the streets!

Some lines like Coogee were laid across what was open countryside, thus
they were able to choose the best route. The streets came later.

This tram is climbing south on what became Arden St and is about to swing
into what became Havelock Ave.

The terminus loop can be seen to the left of the 1887 Coogee Palace
Aquarium, still there today as the Coogee Pavilion. The loop was moved a
little further north in 1907.

Tony P

On Wednesday, 21 September 2022 at 18:18:31 UTC+10 Mal Rowe wrote:

> The attached pic showed up on facebook.


> It is apparently from the collection of the National Library of

> Australia and dates from 1895.


> Sydney has a long history of running trains in the streets.


> Mal Rowe -impressed by the view