Re: Re: Melbourne's free tram zone - time to go

The size of the tram has nothing to do with the headways. The whole idea of
increasing the size of the vehicle is to increase the capacity at the same

Having said that, of course there are a few more negative operators and
agencies who will use the excuse of bigger vehicles to cut back the number
being used (hence longer headways). The introduction of Sydney's double
deck trains was an example.

So by corollary, it will be interesting to see if Melbourne's smaller trams
result in greater frequency.

Tony P

On Tuesday, 26 July 2022 at 19:41:22 UTC+10espe...@... wrote:

> I would like to think that many small trams should mean a vastly better

> read shorter headways. Past experience has shown that larger trams mean

> longer headways. But then what would I know, I'm just a PT user.