Re: Re: Essendon depot to be isolated for two weeks

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the info Mal,as far as i remember "The Paddock'
roads were entirely rebuilt to the new layout in 2011.Also there is a
drivers video from 2012 in a Southbank D2 and late 2020 with D1's running
in to stable (both on Brenden S YouTube channel) showing the fans for 1-6
in mass concrete and seemingly looking fine with the concrete still in
really good condition.

On Thursday, 6 January 2022 at 15:06:20 UTC+11 Mal Rowe wrote:


> On 06/01/2022 14:34, timmy1041 wrote:

> > Mal are there any trams left behind in the depot or

> > did they all get moved out?

> There are a few trams left - you can see one in 'the paddock' in the pic

> at: and there are one or two in the middle shed -

> see attached pic.

> > Was the fan for roads 1-6 really in that bad a shape as i thought that

> > it had been relaid along with the fans for the other shed roads as

> > well in mass concrete within the last 10-12 years,either when they

> > rebuilt the "paddock" rds or the last relay in Mt Alexander Rd?


> During the relay in 2014 the entrance tracks were relayed and (as you

> say) the fan feeding 'the paddock' was relayed mainly to reduce the

> track centres so that they could use all 6 roads and still get maximum

> car parking for drivers. The bits being relayed now were not altered then.


> If you look at the plan at: you will see marks

> for limits of works - I think that the bits outside that area were

> renewed in 2014.


> Mal Rowe