Re: Re: Essendon depot to be isolated for two weeks
  Mal Rowe

On 06/01/2022 14:34, timmy1041 wrote:
>                    Mal are there any trams left behind in the depot or did they all get moved out?

There are a few trams left - you can see one in 'the paddock' in the pic at: and there are one or two in the middle shed - see attached pic.
> Was the fan for roads 1-6 really in that bad a shape as i thought that it had been relaid along with the fans for the other shed roads as well in mass concrete within the last 10-12 years,either when they rebuilt the "paddock" rds or the last relay in Mt Alexander Rd?

During the relay in 2014 the entrance tracks were relayed and (as you say) the fan feeding 'the paddock' was relayed mainly to reduce the track centres so that they could use all 6 roads and still get maximum car parking for drivers.  The bits being relayed now were not altered then.

If you look at the plan at: you will see marks for limits of works - I think that the bits outside that area were renewed in 2014.

Mal Rowe

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