Re: L1 route - Dulwich Hill Light Rail

Sorry to get your hopes up, but afraid not. TripView is still showing the alerts and checking the service details shows buses operating. 

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On Monday, January 3, 2022, 13:48,bblunt3473@... bblunt3473@...> wrote:

Currently CAF 2118 is sitting in th Randwick yard and possibly a second unit is coming. Would be interesting to see some CAFS on the L3

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On Monday, January 3, 2022, 13:44, Tony Galloway arg@...> wrote:

No trams on  the L1, so flabbergastation is not necessary.
I live a block from the L1 and and the crap replacement bus service is now apparently regarded as  the “new normal”. More on that later.
No tram movements south of Lilyfield that I’m aware of, and the last time I looked the rails had a thick patina of rust, like a disused siding.
Due to an IiNet email server failure and a password recognition problem, I wasn’t posting, and having now sorted it after having a break I have to work my way through a big email backlog, so apologies to anyone who might have expected a reply from me on anything they sent me off-list around or after xmas, I’ll reply soon.
Hoping everyone has a better new year than the last one.

On 3 Jan 2022, at 12:50 pm, Hunslet hunslet@...> wrote:

As at 1245 today, holiday Monday, Transport for NSW info/alerts is advising that there are no alerts affecting light rail services on the Dulwich Hill line.   Miracles happen?   I somehow doubt it, but if there is anyone in the area who can confirm that the light rail line is fully open, I’ll be flabbergasted!
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