Re: For the OH&S boffins.
  Andrew Cook

From the Melbourne Age, 3 December, 1925. A Wattle Park electric tram derails on the railway/tramway square at Riversdale, causing a 2-hour delay to railway traffic. In those two hours, the Victorian Railways had organised shuttle rail services on both sides of the tram derailment and a road motor service! An electric train ran shuttles to and from Ashburton, the 'Deepdene Dasher' steam service ran back and forth between Riversdale and East Camberwell, and a road motor took up the East Camberwell to Deepdene service temporarily. These days the clowns would be running around with ipads and digital cameras, achieving nothing in particular, as the railway (and tramway?) was shut down for a week, as the bozos investigated what happened. Meanwhile, passengers would probably have to wait for replacement buses, or walk!

Andrew Cook (impressed by the organisational skills of 1925).

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