Re: Fwd: L1 Dulwich Hill Line,Incident activity
  Matthew Geier

It will be industrial action - ie drivers not answering their phones to
take extra casual shifts, so shortage of staff.

Transdev stuffed up Pyrmont IR wise. For years it was a non union
operation and then they pushed too hard and then majority of the staff
went and joined the RBTU to get professional bargaining support. I don't
think Transdev has forgiven them.

Randwick is probably a mix of non union, TWU as well as RBTU members.
(They specifically targeted bus drivers, and 'private' bus operators are
TWU not RBTU in NSW).

I expect the Randwick depot is being paid more for being on non union
sanctioned contracts. I don't know if this sort of behaviour is legal or
not, but it happens.

On 12/10/21 21:51, Andrew C wrote:
> Operational issue or justified industrial action by driver's?