Re: Sydney Bus in hole disrupts trams and other goodies
  Matthew Geier

On 12/10/21 23:05, Dudley Horscroft wrote:

> And the remarkable strength of the P class cars with their bodywork

> surviving after being rolled over several times leads me to consider

> that the alleged weakness of the body on the PR1 cars after cutting

> through a centre aisle, and plating in the sides was a furphy to cover

> that doing this conversion would have meant keeping a good tramway

> system a lot longer when all they wanted to do was to get rid of it.



There are diagonal cross braces behind the seat backs of the O and P
bodies. The 'OP/PR conversions had to remove these cross braces to make
the corridor. The bodies were wobbly enough with the extra bracing, with
out those cross bars they would have been rather 'flexible'.