Re: Re: The quiet streets of Melbourne
  Yuri Sos

A dull Monday morning last week (actually a lot darker than the photo would indicate) saw me exercising near Luna Park waiting for E2.6100; consolation prize of siblings E2.6093 and 6094 out- and in-bound on route 96:
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Sunday morning 9:00am - Melbourne in lockdown, not a car on the road (plenty parked though) but heavy tram traffic and three different classes: D2.5003 in Elizabeth Street inbound on a route 19 service, E1.6032 on a Docklands route 11 service and B2.2032 heading for the University on a route 67 service:
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Today just another absolutely perfect day in the GTCOTS as E2.6070 on a route 11 Docklands service rolls down a deserted Collins Street into the Batman Hill stop.
If you haven't been to this end of Melbourne in the past few years you simply wouldn't recognise it, getting your bearings only from the Rialto building in the background.
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