Re: Another big track renewal job in Melbourne
  David McLoughlin

Mal wrote:

> Yarra are doing major track renewal in Kew - including Kew junction.

What intersection is officially regarded as Kew Junction?

All my life, since growing up in Box Hill, I assumed it was the
intersection of High St and Cotham Rd, because of the major tram junction

But when living in Melbourne again from 2009-12, I noticed the tram stop at
High St/Studley Park Rd was called Kew Junction; which confused me, as I
thought the word "junction" in such a name referrred to an existing or
former tramway junction, like Bondi Junction in Sydney, or Balaclava
Junction in Melbourne.

Mal notes the works includes "Kew Junction" but what is meant by this? The
link and map are unclear. Do the works include the 48/109 tram junction at
the Cotham Rd corner or is this excluded? The map is unclear. If it does
include this tram junction, is that what is meant by "Kew Junction" or is
the latter the Studley Park Rd intersection? Which of course has never been
a tram junction (but would have been under the MMTB's plans to convert the
former Johnston St cable line to electric trams and extend it to Bulleen
via Kew and Princess St).

The Harp Rd to Burke Rd section of the 48 is a major piece of work. The
road is wide enough to create a segregated track along there....

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"Be careful what you wish for..."