Re: John Withers (1934-)
  Hal Cain

It certainly is!

Since there appears to be no driver behind the Land Rover's steering wheel,
maybe the picture is by John himself?

The overhead appears already to have been tied off to the pole behind 38.

And in the cab of 38, that may be myself, riding the handbrake wheel.

I'm sorry to hear John is not doing so well nowadays. He was a great
participant in the operations to move the trams out of the depot to their
new home.

Hal Cain, thinking back these 50 years

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> John was known to drive a blue Land Rover which he used to tow Ballarat

> trams (allocated to the BTPS) from the SEC depot to near what is now known

> as “depot junction”. His late mother often accompanied him on these

> adventures.


> I assume the pic at: may be relevant.


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