Re: Some Golden Oldies.
  Andrew Cook

Here's a few tramway happy snaps courtesy of the State Library of Victoria--Flinders and Swanston Streets with Richmond cable trams passing, taken during World War I, an up 2-car? dog-box set (possibly from North Fitzroy) passing over the Queen's Parade bridge at Clifton Hill, with a Northcote cable tram in the view (late 1920s?) and not tramway but railway--Camberwell railway station before regrading with E class tank engines on suburban passenger trains (one Princes Bridge bound).


Andrew Cook.

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Richmond cable trams  |  1327W x 966H  | 256.92 KB |  Photo details
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Cable tram and Doggie Clifton Hill  |  1430W x 701H  | 153.6 KB |  Photo details
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Camberwell Station  |  1336W x 954H  | 226.44 KB |  Photo details