Re: TAN: Other places don't stop at points
  David McLoughlin

Both your videos worked fine for me Yuri thanks. I'm using Firefox on my HP
laptop and have NZ's standard fibre-to-the-home, which appears to be a step
up from fibre in Australia. The fibre comes from the street to a box inside
the house, no charge to the householder. This is rapidly replacing the old
copper phone network.

In an odd kind of way, I am pleased to see that Melbourne is not the only
place where motorists block the trams. But also instructive to see that the
Audi driver backed out of the way of the tram in your second video.
Melbourne drivers in my experience just sit blocking the tram till the
lights change or the traffic in front clears, or both.

The speed of the trams on curves through such a complex set of junctions is
also instructive. Why is Australia so timid? Sydney is even worse than
Melbourne; I noted during my June visit that despite not stopping for
facing points, the new Sydney trams crawl through junctions and round

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"It is a curiosity of the age that, after [almost every] situation appears
at the very least to be better than it ever was, it is presented as though
it has never been worse." -- Douglas Murray, The Madness of Crowds