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Mon.31.5.21 Metro Twitter
Aircraft: No ramp access to platforms until late 2021 (pedestrian-underpass works).
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works.
During current restrictions, there are only five reasons to leave your home. Public-transport services are running to a normal timetable to support essential travel.
Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Buses replace trains Caulfield - Dandenong from 20.40 until the last train (maintenance works).

The diner was (and still is?) a USA cultural institution for decades.  Typically, they were housed in cascaded trams / streetcars / interurbans / subway & mainline carriages, and most of these were clerestory.
This set the characteristic style: a long counter, with customers sitting on stools on one side, and staff doing all preparation along a bench against the wall opposite.
Lots of drugstores (milkbars) and liquor bars used the same style, and are seen in lots of movies and tv shows.
There were also diners in shopfront and standalone buildings, which may well have had tables too.
Some railways adopted the style for economical service, but it fell out of favour.
Victorian Railways converted a clerestory carriage into buffet car Taggerty.  Four additional buffets were steel, with semielliptic roofs.
I don't know how many survive in USA: the fast-food style now is a takeaway counter, and you carry food to a table or your car or a nearby park.
One notable diner had been a McKeen railmotor (not clerestory).  It was retrieved and restored, and is now running at a museum.
The artist Ken Zylla captured the USA way of life through the 1950s, just as Norman Rockwell did.  Diners are but one of lots of themes which he painted.
Many Zylla paintings have been turned into jigsaw puzzles.
Coca-Cola is always fresh on tap at Hank and Irene's Sunnyside Diner and in this 300-piece jigsaw puzzle by Sunsout. Artist: Ken Zylla. Finished puzzle 29"x15".
I came into this research thread after finding this rockabilly video, with a Zylla diner as the title image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n91UwggWg4
I doubt that he was being photographically accurate; the original may have been fake rather than real.
Much earlier, Ollie's Trollies in Australia used mobile outlets, styled as trams, but not converted from them.
There is one outlet at Caboolture, but it is shopfront in a mall.

31.5.21 'Underground railroad' film.
As with 'Trainspotting', this has nothing to do with railways.

TransGrid funds 900km power link to lift renewables as coal’s end nears. Nick Toscano May 31, 2021

Brisbane Airport’s international terminal to close, with new facility planned. Tony Moore May 31, 2021. 40 comments
...All flights in and out of Brisbane will run out of the new Brisbane Airport terminal being built between the domestic terminal and the parallel runway. 
...As it stands, access between the domestic and international terminals is via the Airtrain, taxis, shuttle buses or ride-share services.
...An airport monorail linking sections of the growing Brisbane Airport remains a part of its master plan.
...Domestic flight numbers from Brisbane Airport are about 70 per cent of pre-COVID flight numbers, while international flights remain low.
... Brisbane Airport Corporation also has its eye on small helicopters being able to transport passengers to and from the Brisbane CBD, Ipswich, Logan or the Gold and Sunshine coasts.
* The Airtrain has to go 24 hours like the airport as well as allowing the Brisbane Metro to service the Airport 24 hours a day
* Finally going to combine dom & int terminals. Just 50yrs behind Melbourne.
* the last time I tried to commute to and from Melbourne airport it was a disaster - no train, no tunnel, just traffic mayhem.
* Melbourne does not have a train connection from the airport to the city! Just buses and taxis ! Last time I checked Brisbane does - and the same applies to Sydney ! Look before you leap !
* You clearly missed his point. Melbourne is the best city in Australia to transit domestic to international, because it’s a short walk not a long bus ride
* Why not just a high speed train tunnel train the existing terminals, Dubai style? [misinformed]
* From environmental and economic views, I think to build a subway to connect the new airport to CBD will be the best choice, forget the commercial flight taxi idea. The subway should open up 4 to 6 stations from the airport to CBD which can also serve an easy transport option for communicators to CBD from Northern Brisbane.
* I think the air taxis were to bring people from further afield. There is already a CBD Airtrain.
* I agree, although subways work best with large volumes of passengers so that they can run very frequently, like in the subway systems of New York or London, or even the City Circle in Sydney. A subway from the Brisbane CBD to the airport would become increasingly attractive if our population keeps growing and if the intermediate stations are well-placed and highly used.
* The airport train should run 24 hours to cater for a duel 24/7 airport.

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