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Thank you Ian

This is an interesting picture. The horse tram is one of those owned by the Adelaide, Hindmarsh and Henley Beach Tramway Company (The line actually went to Grange for a short time but with the opening of the Grange steam railway, it was cut back to Henley Beach.) The Henley Company’s cars did not have an upper deck top cover due to the risk of being overturned by strong westerly winds off the St Vincent Gulf as trams traversed Seaview Road.

The building at right with the tower is also interesting. The sign on it reads “Cyclorama”. The Cyclorama opened on Friday 28 November 1890 at 89 Hindley Street. Cycloramas were paintings in-the-round on 20,000 square yards of canvas and were popular in Australia in the late 19th century. The first painting depicted Jerusalem, and the last in 1897 the Crimean War. The building was remodelled as The Glaciarium skating rink by H. Newman Reid's Ice Palace Skating Company, opening on 6 September 1904 . It was the first ice skating rink in Australia, and the first ice hockey game in Australia was played there on 12 October 1904. In December 1907 a roller skating floor was laid and it became the popular Olympia Skating Rink, which closed on 21 August 1909.
On 6 September 1909 the building was revamped as West's Olympia, Adelaide's first permanent cinema by chain owner, TJ West. Vaudeville artist 'Mo' (Roy Rene) appeared live on stage. Thirty years later, it was rebuilt as West's Theatre, re-opening on 5 December 1939. West's closed in June 1977 and the site remained largely vacant. More recent details of the site are at
Since October 2001 it has housed the Grainger Studio of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, continuing its entertainment links. The building has been returned to its former glory retaining many of its art deco features, in particular the grand staircase that leads up to a mezzanine level in the entrance foyer. (
John Radcliffe
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I came across a few very old interstate photos which I will be posting.

This one is of a horse drawn tram in Hindley Street, Adelaide looking east. I don’t have any other details except the file is coded JWW6.




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