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  Radcliffe, John (L&W, Waite Campus)

The picture is taken just north of the Hindley Street – Rundle Street intersection looking south down King William Street past the well-recognised towers of the Adelaide Town Hall (left) and Adelaide GPO (right).

An open-topped double deck Hindmarsh and Henley Beach Tramway Company horsecar stands in the centre track in King William Street, having turned north from Hindley Street across the other track, with which it had no connection (front extreme right of picture)

The tracks on either side of the Henley Beach car were those of the Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Company, the largest of Adelaide’s horse tramway companies, running services to the northern and eastern suburbs. The single deck cars were one-man operated “dinkies” with a farebox in the door immediately behind the driver and ran to North Adelaide. Such cars were entered by a step at the rear – there was no rear platform. Conventional double deck cars ran through North Adelaide to Prospect and Nailsworth (Enfield). The Company’s eastern suburbs cars from Kensington and Burnside entered the city via Grenfell Street (one block south), proceeded north to a central standing road between the two outer tracks, then travelled “bang road” for a short distance to enter Rundle Street via a curve in front of Waterhouse Chambers, the light coloured three storey building at extreme left. Waterhouse Chambers is a group of shops and offices built in 1847-1850 for Thomas Greaves Waterhouse who had made money from the successful Burra Burra “Monster” copper mines. The building still stands and is heritage listed

John Radcliffe

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Horse drawn trams somewhere in Adelaide.




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