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  Mal Rowe

On 22/07/2021 11:40, TP wrote:
> That seems to me to be the planning difference between Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney sweats its transport infrastructure. Melbourne wastes it with an indifferent attitude of oh well there aren't many people using it, let's downsize the vehicles. The people who suffer are the ones who have to find a home out in the bundooks because there isn't enough housing in the inner areas.


Sorry Tony,  the figures don't support your view.

According to Greater Melbourne has a population density of 5.17 persons per hectare and on a related page, Greater Sydney is quoted as 4.34 persons per hectare.

Melbourne's population has been growing more rapidly than Sydney's and a large proportion of the growth is in urban infill - especially along tramways.

There's an interesting animated map at:

It shows both infill (which will increase the density) and urban sprawl which has the opposite effect.

As a local in the middle of the north west tramways I can assure you that there is plenty of infill.

See the attached pic.  Since I made that photo three more (much larger) housing towers have been completed at Moonee Ponds.

The introduction of the E class to West Coburg and West Preston are needed because of the substantial increase in urban density along these routes.

Mal Rowe - fact checking

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