CSELR rezoning

The rezoning scenario for the CSELR corridors has been released - 4,400 new
homes. (From today's Telegraph)

Kingsford looking NW. Centred on the Kingsford and Juniors Interchange

Randwick along High St. Centred on the UNSW High St and Randwick terminus

Kensington North. A hike from the Carlton St and Royal Randwick stops.

Alison Rd at King St Randwick. A hike from Royal Randwick stop.

This is what Melbourne should be doing along those tram corridors where the
patronage is apparently so low as to justify only 24 metre trams. To make a
the most of a piece of high capacity transit infrastructure like this, you
have to use it to its capacity and thus have a level of activity and
development along it to fill that capacity, otherwise it's just profligate
wastage - or should be run by buses. That's 4,400 additional households
that aren't forced out to the outer suburbs to find a home.

That seems to me to be the planning difference between Sydney and
Melbourne. Sydney sweats its transport infrastructure. Melbourne wastes it
with an indifferent attitude of oh well there aren't many people using it,
let's downsize the vehicles. The people who suffer are the ones who have to
find a home out in the bundooks because there isn't enough housing in the
inner areas.

Tony P