Re: Re: A puzzle for you
  Mal Rowe

On 22/02/2021 17:39, Geoff Brown wrote:
> My guess is that the tramway referenced was the Yan Yean Tramway - a

> freight tramway pulled by horses. It was built about 1854 to move

> materials for the construction of the Yan Yean Reservoir and the

> pipeline from there along St Georges Rd to the Carlton Gardens and the

> city. This tramway ran along St Georges Rd and I reckon it included

> this “very southern end” as well.


> So the model of the SW5 is a furphy.

Agreed Geoff, and judging by the lack of any other response others also

The Yan Yean reservior and pipeline were constructed between 1853 and
1857 and accoring to one source I read it was the largest reservoir in
the world st the time.

The site was chosen because water could be fed to Melbourne entirely by
gravity - not possible from the Yarra.

What is now St Georges Rd was originally called Pipeline Track - and
evidence of the pipeline beneath is still visible.