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  Jeremy Wainwright

And, as is well known, the existence of the pipeline is the reason why the St George's Rd tramline was not built as a nice central reserved track. But what puzzles me is why, when St George's Rd was given the 'Sturt St' treatment, the anomalous bit just north of the Merri Creek bridge was part of the rebuild. I assume that the reason is well known to the cognoscenti.

Cheers, JW.

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On 22/02/2021 17:39, Geoff Brown wrote:
> My guess is that the tramway referenced was the Yan Yean Tramway - a

> freight tramway pulled by horses. It was built about 1854 to move

> materials for the construction of the Yan Yean Reservoir and the

> pipeline from there along St Georges Rd to the Carlton Gardens and the

> city. This tramway ran along St Georges Rd and I reckon it included

> this “very southern end” as well.


> So the model of the SW5 is a furphy.

Agreed Geoff, and judging by the lack of any other response others also

The Yan Yean reservior and pipeline were constructed between 1853 and
1857 and accoring to one source I read it was the largest reservoir in
the world st the time.

The site was chosen because water could be fed to Melbourne entirely by
gravity - not possible from the Yarra.

What is now St Georges Rd was originally called Pipeline Track - and
evidence of the pipeline beneath is still visible.


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