Re: Princes Highway Crossing Signal Replacement – December 2020
  Geoffrey D Dean

In Melbourne where we have level crossings with the tramways. They all
have normal railway signalling with boom barriers; but they also have
normal traffic signals, including tram T lights, as well.
The traffic lights go red, then the railway lights start flashing and
the boom barriers come down. After the train has passed the booms go
up, the railway lights stop; then the traffic lights turn green with
the tram T lights shortly after.
So, in theory, SPER should be able to have traffic lights installed
with the railway signalling.
If the Victorian Government had replaced the Upfield line with trams
the plan was to abolish all the railway level crossing protection and
replace each crossing with normal traffic lights as is the case at
Elliott Avenue in Royal Park.

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The Museum's crossing light is very nice and appeals to my gunzel's
heart, but the average motorist will not have it programmed in.  

It's a rail corridor - the appropriate standards dictate the warning
signal style. We just can't replace them with ordinary traffic lights.
I think that better compliance would be had by standard traffic
signals. The people that wrote the standards think otherwise. They are
professionals. I'm just 'another gunzel'.

I was also concerned at the speed of motorists past the work site - I
was amazed that cars could flash past so close to workers: were there
no 40km/h speed restrictions and Lane closures in place?

When the signal post was replaced, the worksite WAS under "traffic
control" with lane closures and speed restrictions. Saturday's video
was observation that the crossing was functioning correctly under
ordinary conditions. No actual work was undertaken next traffic lanes.

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