Re: A Brisbane rarity from SLQ
  Mick Topp

Further digging into the SLQ and BTMS collections has revealed that there
may have been four of these cars, as I have found photos of Nos 23 and 24.
The number on 23 is very clear, but on what I believe to be 24, it is
indistinct. However, if you look at the zoomed snip, there is a blurry 4
and a ghostly 2.
The car also has the same roof shape and seating arrangements as the other
three, so I'm calling it 24 on that evidence.
I have also added a photo of No 26 single deck horse tram to show what they
were like before conversion to electric cars.
Robert Thompson may know more about these cars and may correct me if I'm

Mick in Brisbane, feeling excited.

On Sunday, 11 October 2020 at 14:40:23 UTC+10 Mick Topp wrote:

> The tram in the attached photo is No 25, a Light Ten Bench Short or Summer

> car of which little is known other than there were possibly two six bench

> horse cars electrified by the Brisbane Tramways Company to overcome a

> shortage of rolling stock. I believe this to be the only known photo of it

> as No 25. Renumbered as 75 when Combination car 25 entered service c1899.

> Destination Valley 2nd Edition suggests that there may have been two of

> these cars, which I believe is true, as I have a very grainy photo of No 26

> in Queen St. (attached)


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24 Victoria Bridge 1898 SLQ Zoomed  |  982W x 567H  | 468.16 KB |  Photo details
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23 Light Ten Bench Short Summer Car  |  1388W x 904H  | 477.38 KB |  Photo details
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26 Horse Tram Single Deck at Light Street Depot 1886  |  1619W x 1248H  | 266.55 KB |  Photo details
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24 Light Ten Bench Short Summer Car Victoria Bridge at North Quay 1898 SLQ  |  6000W x 4545H  | 3.33 MB |