Re: Re: A Brisbane rarity from SLQ
  Mal Rowe

Hi Mick,

Thanks for sharing these great pics with us.

I am enjoying your chase!

You are probably aware of the pic of 25 as 75 in the BCC archives, but just in case ...

It's at:

Mal Rowe in the city that built Brisbane's first electric tram

On 13/10/2020 11:45, Mick Topp wrote:
> Further digging into the SLQ and BTMS collections has revealed that there may have been four of these cars, as I have found photos of Nos 23 and 24.

> The number on 23 is very clear, but on what I believe to be 24, it is indistinct. However, if you look at the zoomed snip, there is a blurry 4 and a ghostly 2.

> The car also has the same roof shape and seating arrangements as the other three, so I'm calling it 24 on that evidence.

> I have also added a photo of No 26 single deck horse tram to show what they were like before conversion to electric cars.

> Robert Thompson may know more about these cars and may correct me if I'm wrong.


> Cheers,

> Mick in Brisbane, feeling excited.


> On Sunday, 11 October 2020 at 14:40:23 UTC+10 Mick Topp wrote:


> The tram in the attached photo is No 25, a Light Ten Bench Short

> or Summer car of which little is known other than there were

> possibly two six bench horse cars electrified by the Brisbane

> Tramways Company to overcome a shortage of rolling stock. I

> believe this to be the only known photo of it as No 25. Renumbered

> as 75 when Combination car 25 entered service c1899. Destination

> Valley 2nd Edition suggests that there may have been two of these

> cars, which I believe is true, as I have a very grainy photo of No

> 26 in Queen St. (attached)


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