RE: Inside an unknown tramcar
  Radcliffe, John (L&W, Waite Campus)

Adelaide D Type car. Probably 192, at St Kilda. It is one of the four former Melbourne O type cars, evident because it has a bell cords above the standee windows in the saloon as well as a bell cords below the clerestory. Adelaide D type cars were not so fitted. All the smokers’ (No 1 ) end transverse seats except the bulkhead seat have been cut through, whereas the second last seat on the Adelaide D cars did not have the back cut through and conductors had to lean over it to collect fares from the bulkhead seat. Saloon seats not in picture probably put in store for cleaning and refinishing.

John Radcliffe

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Can anyone recognise the tram whose inside is shown below? There looks like a number 152 on the bulkhead.




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