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At the time Metro Twitter was posting SLV, PROV, Weston Langford and Australian Maps photos to give then & new comparisons with current projects, or simply 'x years ago today'.  Most were reproduced poorly.  I cleaned, retoned, resized and reposted some, but not all.
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Fri.24.4.20 Metro Twitter5.55 Frankston line: Minor delays (an equipment fault near Chelsea).- 7.09  Minor citybound delays and major outbound delays.Last night Flinders St was lit blue to honour the four Vic Police officers who tragically lost their lives on the job. Every day Metro is grateful and proud to work alongside police. During this time of great sadness, we stand with all police officers, their families and friends.11.07 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Minor delays (a late-running freight).- 11.56 Outbound minor delays clearing after an equipment fault between Flinders Street & Richmond.12.36 Craigieburn line: Minor outbound delays after a train fault at Flinders Street.12.39 Sandringham line: Minor delays after a train fault in the North Brighton area.13.18 Lilydale line: Minor delays (police attending to a trespasser near Ringwood East). Trains may be held/altered.- 13.29 Now major.- 13.36 clearing13.40 Werribee line: Minor delays (an external power fault near Laverton).- 13.53  Now major.- 14.18 Minor and clearing quickly.15.34 Lilydale line: Minor delays (police near Ringwood East).- 15.53  clearing quicklyBuses replace trains Newport - Werribee from 20.15 until 6.30 Sat (works).2.25 Buses will replace trains Dandenong — Pakenham (a person hit by train). Buses have been dispatched, may take an hour to arrive. Consider alternatives. [at 2.25?]- 3.40 Buses are in operation with journey times extended by 25 min.- 3.46 Trains 'begin to resume', with major delays.
Gas revival key to renewables push, Energy Minister says April 24, 2020. 65 comments with ATN

City in blue illuminates invisible contract between people and police April 24, 2020

April 24 2020 Roads, rail and regulation to mend economy 
Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has ruled out tax hikes in response to the economic downturn.Major construction projects and business regulations will be key components of Australia's recovery from the coronavirus economic storm.The federal government will also pursue changes to industrial relations and has warned its proposed "ensuring integrity" laws for unions and officials will form a central part of its agenda.Prime Minister Scott Morrison raised the importance of road and rail projects alongside deregulation at a meeting of federal and state leaders on Friday."That's going to become more and more part of the national cabinet's agenda going forward as we move to getting things back to a COVID-safe economy and a COVID-safe community," Mr Morrison told reporters.He also warned against a stop-start approach to easing economic and social restrictions.Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has ruled out any tax increases in response to the coronavirus-induced economic tsunami.The government is considering wide-ranging reform in the October federal budget, which shapes as a crucial juncture in the national recovery."Tax increases are off the table because you don't want to make it harder for business to be successful," Senator Cormann told Sky News.The finance minister said the federal government wanted to work with states to pursue aggressive deregulation in areas like business approvals.He said the economic agenda would be guided by pro-growth, pro-business measures."We want to make it easier to do business, to reduce the cost of doing business," Senator Cormann said.Company tax cuts are on the agenda with big business pushing the coalition to revive plans to slash the rate from 30 to 25 per cent.Labor leader Anthony Albanese isn't rushing to support the proposal."I think it's rather strange at a time when you have a substantial increase in Australia's debt," he told ABC News Breakfast."We will look at it in the balance of you need revenue but you also need to make investments in education, for example, in skilling up our Australian workforce for those jobs of the future."Mr Albanese said the private sector needed to be boosted, but the vital role of government shouldn't be ignored.He said any changes to workplace laws should benefit working people and the economy rather than transferring wages to profits.<www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6733829/roads-rail-and-regulation-to-mend-economy>
Undated Government propaganda
* New sg VLocitys for the Albury line. The Victorian Government is delivering more comfortable modern, long-haul VLocity trains for the first time on the North East line. The updated model will be the first VLocity train to run on standard gauge tracks on Victoria’s regional network. These new trains are part of the Victorian Government’s 2019/20 budget investment to meet increased demand across the regional network.The long-haul design, which includes feedback from local passenger representatives, will provide a range of benefits. Each three-car set will include:- comfortable seats for the long-haul journey- built in USB chargers and mobile boosting technology so people can stay connected- six luggage racks and overhead luggage racks to support the needs of recreational travellers- three bike racks capable of holding up to nine bikes to support cycle tourism- a modern catering facility [which won't serve meals or alcholol unless VLine uses an XPT module].- four shared tables so groups of family or friends can dine and chat together- accessibility improvements to make it easier for people of all abilities to travel- six wheelchair spaces with companion seats close by- fold-down tray tables with cup holders.Three-carriage VLocity trains can run coupled together for a total of six carriages.The department has finalised the design of the interior of the train following targeted engagement with local passenger representatives in September 2019. Participants provided important feedback on their needs for long-haul journeys which was used to help design new train sets.The new trains will start taking passengers following the completion of the north-east line upgrade and a rigorous testing process.Manufacturer: Bombardier Transportation Australia, at its facility in Dandenong, supporting 500 local jobs. photo: A VLocity train waits on passengers at Southern Cross station.virtual tourNew VLocity trains for the North East line (PDF 107KB) New VLocity trains for the North East line (DOCX 30KB)* 50 E-class trams. The new E-Class trams are the largest, safest and most accessible trams on the network. Each tram can carry 210 passengers and includes audio and visual passenger information, airconditioning, improved safety features and dedicated spaces for passengers with mobility aids or prams. All 50 are expected to be delivered by mid-2020, bringing the total E-class fleet to 100.  They are being built by Bombardier in Dandenong, supporting more than 500 local jobs, including the wider supply chain.Photo: A D-class tram travels in Nicholson Street.* 65 new 'high-capacity' suburban trains.  The government is delivering an order of 65 new trains, capable of carrying 20% more passengers than any other train on the network [because we scrapped the one which did carry more]. They will run initially on the Pakenham & Cranbourne lines and eventually to Sunbury. We are also buildin a new depot at Pakenham East, which will include maintenance facilities, train stabling space and a train simulator for driver  training.Manufacturing and testing are well underway. Level-crossing removals and signalling upgrades on the two lines are preparing for the new trains to enter service from mid 2020 following comprehensive testing.Manufacturer: Evolution Rail (a consortium of Downer, CRRC and Plenary), at Newport (Melbourne), supporting about 1100 local jobs, including the wider supply chain.Photo: The first HCMT on the tracks.* 24 additional Xtrapolis suburban trains. These will take the total fleet to 106 trains, improving reliability and capacity on the metropolitan network. All 24 are expected to be in service by early 2020.Manufacturer: Alstom, in: Ballarat, Vic., supporting hundreds of local jobs, including the wider supply chain.Photo: Upgrades are on the way for Xtrapolis trains.* 47 additional VLocity regional trains. The new three-car VLocity trains will take the total VLocity fleet to 106 three-car trains, improving reliability capacity on the regional network. The latest trains include more seating in each carriage, accessibility improvements and mobile signal boosters to improve mobile phone coverage for passengers.  Manufacturer: Bombardier Transportation Australia, in Dandenong (Melbourne). The order is supporting more than 500 local jobs in Dandenong and throughout the supply chain.Photo: A VLocity train.https://transport.vic.gov.au/our-transport-future/our-projects/new-and-upgraded-trains-and-trams/new-train-and-tram-orders#VlocityNE

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