Re: Stamp Exhibition 21Nov1989
  Richard Youl

Thanks for trying, David.

The south end of a dark tram does not help at all but I took the liberty of fiddling on the iPad with the brightest image from you and ended up with the result below.

I’m fairly certain that the Connie was Sue Coulson(?spelling).



>> On 29 Jun 2020, at 8:34 pm, espee8800 espee8800@...> wrote:


> This is the best I have, film and processing in those days was not as good as later on.

> Also 143a was a crop of the original, that wouldn't help with quality.


> Here are three attempts at a better image from a poor original.

> The trouble with digitisation is that you end up with an image consisting of noughts and ones taken from film stock that does not consist of noughts and ones.


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>> Thank you David.


>> It has to be me. It’s mainly the cap which is the giveaway.

>> Barry N. who did the other portion of the shift did not wear a cap.


>> I still have it although it’s looking a little bit seedy these days.


>> If you have a better resolution version of 143a, I may be able to work out who my offsider is.


>> Richard

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> cheers and best wishes,

> David in

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