Re: Electric buses

The bus services running between Bomaderry and Kiama are simply to
supplement the trains due to the level of demand. The trains cannot sustain
an hourly service all day due to their slowness (turnaround time) and other
factors, so buses are used to fill the gaps to provide an hourly service
when required, shared between the two modes on weekdays. One of the two
Nowra Coaches buses regularly used to run that service is an electric
Yutong E12. It's very much worth the ride to experience it, regardless of
any prejudice in favour of rail!

The electric train service down the south coast is the slowest commuter
rail service in Australia, averaging about 55 km/h over mostly straight
track. It's a political disgrace that has persisted for many many years.
The railcar ride south of Kiama is a pleasant one with some spectacular
coastal scenery, most of it viewable from the bus too.

Tony P

On Tuesday, 9 July 2019 12:44:22 UTC+10, David McLoughlin wrote:


> Judith and I went on a diesel railcar from Kiama to Berry and back only

> two Sundays ago. I presume it is the same route? Bomaderry was the next

> (and last stop) past Berry. Are they planning to replace it with buses?


> We would not have done that trip on a bus. We only went (to visit friends

> at Berry) because it was a train all the way. If no train we'd drive.


> (We caught the train down to Kiama from Central, after catching the

> Dulwich Hill tram to Central. The entire day's travel cost just $2.75 on

> our Opal cards. Quite amazing!)



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